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XXI a. kasdienybės dienoraštis

Illegal content in P2P networks: first cases in Lithuania

Today I’ve made a short presentation in the MRU conference “Social Technologies 2010: Challenges, Opportunities, Solutions“. Original PPT is available to download from my account at

Meanwhile, short overview. We have already quite a few cases in Lithuania, where various P2P issues are tried in legal sense. For example, it started with take-down in October 2008, later on November 2009 in we had “106” investigation and soon afterwards “Microsoft” vs. “”. Not to talk about lower profile cases such as ““.

Various issues are just shortly mentioned in the presentation, all of them will be described and discussed in detail later on, when one of the academic journals publishes yet to be written article.

Pasidalinkite socialiniuose tinkluose


  1. Turiu du klausimus… gal galite atsakyti?
    pirmas – del Meganet bylos nebuvo? Tik IPT pritare LANVAi uzblokavo prieiga?
    antras – kodel LANVA nepradeda teismo proceso pries Linkomanija? Kiek supratau jie vel bando tartis su IPT, kad sie uzblokuotu Linkomanija…


  2. Gerbiama Jurate, greichiausiai todel, kad bekiaushiu impotentu klaunu shaika ten susirinkus

  3. Shitonaz, atsakymas gal ir teisingas… bet magistriniame darbe sunkiai panaudojamas… 🙂

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